Dec 4th, 2017: Sad Reindeer

Dec 4th, 2017: Sad Reindeer

Dec 4th, 2017: Sad Reindeer

Dec 4th, 2017: Sad Reindeer This is sad but it's Monday anyway, and why ruin a good day. I guess Santa's flyers are safe.

Quote: More than 100 reindeer have been killed by freight trains in northern Norway in the past days in what has been called a senseless tragedy.
One train killed 65 deer on a track on Saturday while 41 died between Wednesday and Friday, the public broadcaster NRK reported late on Sunday.
“I’m so angry that I’m dizzy,” the owner of the 65 dead reindeer, Ole Henrik Kappfjell, told NRK. “It’s a senseless animal tragedy … a psychological nightmare.”

I suspect walking the tracks is easier than through the woods.
I know in Alaska moose walk the tracks because the Rail Road plows them and it's easier than wallowing through feets of snow.

Quote: Norway is home to about 250,000 semi-domestic reindeer and most of them live in the far north of the country. At this time of year, herders take the reindeer to the winter pastures in search of grazing grounds, a perilous journey as many animals are hit by cars and trains. Some also drown.
Photos taken by the documentary filmmaker Jon Erling Utsi showed dead reindeer lying in the blood-stained snow. Some were shot after they were left wounded in Saturday’s incident. “It was a nightmare to watch,” he told NRK.
“The worst thing was the animals that were not killed in the accident. They were lying there, suffering. It was a bloodbath over several kilometres,” he added.
More than 2,000 reindeer were hit along the same northern railway line between 2013 and 2016.
The herders are demanding that the railway operator install a fence along the track but as yet there has been no funding. On a side note, Norway is planning to kill 2/3rds of it's Wolves.
Seems the Wolves and Rail Road could work out a deal.

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